Kombucha SCOBY Hotel

Guzzling home-made Kombucha at an alarming rate and the SCOBYs are piling up? 

Or are you an avid brewer that’s concerned with the well-being and lively hood of your SCOBYs and are losing sleep over it? Whatever the case, perhaps, a SCOBY hotel is the answer for you!

No hardhat required, check out how to construct and maintain your own 5-star SCOBY Hotel!


What’s a SCOBY hotel?

A SCOBY hotel is simply a clean and comfortable vessel to store SCOBY reserves in room temperature.


Why build a SCOBY hotel?

Although proper refrigeration storage is adequate for extra or unused SCOBYs , long term storage below 45F can exhaust and harm the starters. Depending on how much and often you brew, constructing a simple SCOBY hotel can ensure the mothers are dormant but still active.


I’m ready to check my SCOBYs in to a 5 star hotel! 

What you’ll need:

  • A comfortable glass vessel (large enough to hold the SCOBYs + liquid)
  • SCOBY gang
  • 2-3 cups of Old Starter Tea (left over from brew)
  • Cheesecloth/Coffee Filter/Cotton or Linen Cloth
  • Strainer

Always starting with a clean working space, tools and hands, removing any large clumps of brown string like matter (hello, yeast!) that may be attached to the SCOBY, combine the tea and SCOBYs in the glass vessel. Cover with breathable material and store in a cool ambient location away from sun.

And that concludes the construction phase!


The maintenance

Adds an extra step or two to your brew-tine, but so worth it!

  1. Add brewed tea & sugar mixture to SCOBY hotel as need
  2. Clean SCOBY hotel

This hotel isn’t really full of hustle and bustle, but it is still active. So depending on the environment and usage, the starter tea will need to be replenished. Up to 50% of brewed tea & sugar mix can be added to the hotels. Check in every 2-4 weeks.

Every 8-10 weeks the hotel should get a quick rinse & scrub, strain out any large yeast strings accumulated in the bottom and any on the SCOBYs. Removing overgrown yeast bits can ensure a balanced symbiotic environment. There’s plenty of yeast left over in the tea and inside the SCOBY itself after the straining process – do not rinse the SCOBYs!

I’m not one to manicure my SCOBY disks, but I’ve come across practices where you trim the sides of the SCOBYs to ensure a healthy, and uniform shape.

Let me know if you enjoy this method, or have any tips on how you prepare a SCOBY


Brew on, Boochheads! Brew on! 

To gut health and bubblies!

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