Sourdough Starter Troubleshooting

When it comes to the livelihood of my starter babies, trust me, I’ve had my fair share of “omfg” moments . 9 out of 10 times it’s benign, and well, 10 out of 10 times I’m panicking.

For what it’s worth, #1 thing I’ve learned is that it usually looks worse than it is, and that the smell of the starter is a major indicator. I’ve put together a quick list of what’s worked for me + tips from the pros, check them out!

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Smoked Miso and Tahini CCCs

Smoked Miso Tahini Spelt CookiesNot all Chocolate Chip Cookies are made equal! 

Smokey, Rich, Sweet & Salty –  there’s only room for big, bold “in your face” flavours here. Then, the nutty profile of spelt flour mysteriously ties it all together. 
Oh yeah, this is a dreamy dairy free, nut free cookie for adults!
Having had little to no success with spelt flour in sourdough bread (they were edible but hideous), frustrated, I reach for some low hanging fruits. You know, back to basics with an ol’ batch of CCCs. Dear god, there is nothing basic about this creation. Get the recipe after the jump->

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Rise of the Sourdough Starter

Last year this time, I got my first taste of sourdough. 
Four ingredients, old-school methods, better than store bought insta-breads? I was already sold when I came across a local Sourdough Workshop. I had no idea the depth of bread-making, how much detail, control and fuss goes into good bread or how deep down the rabbit hole I’d go! Baking sourdough with wild yeast promise an audible crust, tangy, buttery center, and comes with so many health benefits. I absolutely fell in love with the science, the process and sharing my passion for naturally levained sourdough bread. Check out how you can make your own starter!

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Water Kefir 101

No secret- sugary, processed foods, stress and antibiotics all contributes to a leaky gut. leaky gut can cause inflammation, which can often become systemic and affect the health of the brain.[1] Signs and symptoms of a bad gut can range from eczema, food allergies, excessive sugar cravings, down to your mood (70% of your body’s serotonin levels are found within your gut!). 

So the cure? Probiotics! Inoculating foods and bevies with the good bacteria deters wild strains of bad bacteria from growing. Fermented foods and drinks can be more effective than a probiotic supplement as they also contain “food” for the microflora to help promote their growth. Another advantage, ferments introduce a variety of bacteria species, whereas a probiotic supplement has only a limited number of the species. We love variety around here!

This beverage is by far the easiest, fastest way to supplement heaps of probiotics. It also contains unique peptides with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune regulating effects. Not to mention, it’s friggen delicious! Some history, how-to and troubleshooting Water Kefir after the jump


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Energy Pucks (Wholefoods Power Cookie Copycat)

Wholefoods Copycat Cookies

You may be familiar with those chewy, nutty, irresistible novelty-sized cookies at Wholefoods, that perfect balance of rich chocolate, sea salt and heady molasses – I’m hooked! It’s the type of cookie you may have reservations to share or are surprised when you’ve casually devour the entirety. Why not buy the stack? I have, my friends, I have. Nay, it is not enough!

It has been a long time coming in developing the perfect copycat. However, I can’t take credit for the ingenious name – which had me spewing the contents of my mouth. This recipe is everything I want in a cookie recipe: no-mess, 3-steps, healthy enough to be considered breakfast and all made in one bowl. Got 30 minutes? Read the full post for recipe and notes

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Sprouted Quinoa Flax Crackers

These sprouted quinoa + flax crackers are well-balanced, nutty and SO easy to make. Super rewarding to boot – hearing that snap when you break the fresh batch of crackers puts a smile on my face every time! Enjoy this versatile “base” recipe, a great excuse to test out endless herb, spice & seed combos!

Sprouting breaks down carbohydrates, kickstarts the germination process, making the nutrients more accessible. Therefore, giving the ol’gut a hand with digestion and you’ll get the most out of these nutritious little seeds.

Perfect recipe for leftover quinoa from making Quinoa Rejuvelac , check out how to make fresh grain-free rejuv.

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Aging & Flavoring Dairy-Free Cheese

In cheesemaking, moisture controls the texture, specifically the firmness in the end product. It’s no different here!

After the desired days of fermentation, outer layer will be crusty and hard, but the cheese under should still have the consistency of a thick spread. There are several ways of drying, or “aging” the cultured product to manipulate its texture, flavour, and shape. This is the crucial step in mimicking certain characteristics of some of your favorite dairy cheeses.

Check out my previous post on how to create the base for an aged dairy-free cheese, or jump back to more info on dairy-free cheese

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